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September is International Balloon Month

  • Posted On: 23rd August 2011
The International Balloon Association (IBA) has declared September is International Balloon Month and wants to spread the news. September is the month to “Put a Smile on Someone’s Face and Celebrate with balloons.” Make sure your customers know that September is International Balloon Month.
In September: Manufacturers of Balloons will be running special pricing on select "Smiley Face" balloon styles and those special prices will carry all the way through to the distributor and retail level.
IBA suggests that Twisters, Clowns and Entertainers will call on customers and book gigs. Some tips are to create a spectacle by using a Youtube video or a balloon flash mob.
Decorators will deliver "Smiley Face" bouquets to Special Surprise Recipients with local TV news station coverage.
Distributors can get their customers involved by offering sales and promotions on "Smiley Face" product all month.
Retailers can put up signs, wear buttons, involve store associates, create a special "Smiley Face" event, and get customers excited and sell more balloons!
Responsible Balloon Retailers be looking in your mailboxes this month for a 50 ct. bag of balloon weights from The Balloon Council courtesy of Premium Balloon Accessories and Control Plastics. Information about International Balloon Month and reminders to individually weight helium-filled foil balloons will be included with each delivery.
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