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Selling Halloween Insight – August 2015

  • Posted On: 28th August 2015
Selling Halloween Insight – August 2015
August 19, 2015

Trends & Best Biz Insights

This issue of Selling Halloween Insight highlights the top trends that retailers and suppliers predict will be shaping the 2015 Halloween season. In addition to finding out what products and themes are shaping up to be big, don’t forget to download your free copy of the 2015 Industry Research Report! The third installment reveals insights from retailers and haunt operators on business drivers and challenges plus insights into where the 2015 season is heading.

Dorothy Creamer, Editor-in-Chief
Selling Halloween

Hot Styles & Trends for Halloween 2015

The costume industry has become a bit of a shape shifter over the last several years. While classics will always persist, Halloween has become an extended season unto itself and costume manufacturers are enjoying more opportunities year-round for dress-up. Selling Halloween surveyed industry insiders to find out what trends are taking shape for the 2015 season.
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Halloween & Party Expo is Throwing a Party!
The Halloween & Party Expo is getting ready to host The Brewing, Boos, and Booze during Halloween & Party Expo on opening night, Friday, January 22.
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Rubie’s Masquerade Co. (UK) Ltd. Announces the Acquisition of Mask-arade
Rubie’s Masquerade Co. (UK) Ltd. announces the acquisition of Mask-arade from its owners, Ray Duffy, Dean Walton and Chris O’Nyan.
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International Lingerie Show Registration Is Now Open
Since ILS is earlier this year for our Fall Show, we will have some great Halloween Costumes showing at this year’s show for last minute orders.
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Christmasworld 2016 – Top Trends and Seasonal Decor at its Best
900-plus exhibitors from 39 countries at Christmasworld present the latest products and trends with which retailers can inspire their customers.
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Super Mario yields super styles for girls too.Disguise breaks gender barriers with Super Mario-inspired girl costumes. This sweet outfit lets little ladies take on the role of the classic video game hero.

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Pampet – Puppe Love has been manufacturing premium costumes since 1988. The very first Pampet costume was the Bumble Bee back in 1988 and today it is still one of our number one sellers. Through the years the company has developed a dedicated following because of its tailored fit, unique designs, the detailing and quality.
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Heritage Lace has added new collections that will scare up sales this fall. The Halloween Frames series of pillows are printed on a soft, textured linen, and will add a playful Halloween spirit (not of the ghost variety) to Halloween schemes.

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