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More Gore with Specimen Jar Set

  • Posted On: 7th January 2016

metformin cod next day delivery dappercaadaver111116.jpgAdd a potent glow factor to any scene using Dapper Cadaver’s blacklight specimen jar sets. These specimen jars glow with a radioactive appeal under a blacklight and produce an eerie green look in regular light. The medium blacklight specimen jar combo includes 3 unbreakable 6.5" x 4" acrylic heritage jars, a dropper concentrated UV glow dye, a prop heart, a prop monkey skull and a prop toad. Jars are shipped without fluid. Simply add water and dye on location. Small, medium or large blacklight specimen jar sets are available. The retail price is $70. For more information, visit www.dappercadaver.com.

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