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Posted Date: 03/6/2015

Elements of Evil

K STUDIOS specializes in large-scale architecture for haunted houses. The complete line is comprised of designs that are lightweight, weather resistant, fire resistant and customizable. Pictured is the face of a clock with all its inner workings made of Styrofoam.
K Studios | (985/373-5520) |

ATMOSFX has been making studio-grade animation easily available through the use of a television set or projector since 2007. The AtmosFEARfx product line is focused on the Halloween market. For the 2015 Halloween season, two new titles will be
released, including a follow-up to 2013’s popular Ghostly Apparitions, featuring specters, ghouls and poltergeists.
AtmosFX | (206/453-5859)

The Augmented Reality Haunted Mirror is DARK IMAGININGS’ newest product offering and expands upon the popular Augmented Reality Effects services. The 11×14 mirror is designed to trigger a variety of Augmented Reality effects when scanned by customers using their smartphones and other mobile devices. Some of the effects that will be available will include: a monstrous arm that breaks through the glass and attempts to grab the viewer, scary and screaming faces, spectral messages that write themselves, a demonic portal, and more.
Dark Imaginings | (412/254-EVIL)

The Punk Rock Ghoul from DAPPER CADAVER hails straight from CBGB. This punk rock zombie is ready to scare. With wrinkled skin and ghoulish eyes, she is perfect for zombie haunts. The manufacturer’s price is $650.

Dapper Cadaver | (818/771-0818)

GORE GALORE has launched a new website featuring one of the largest collections of downloadable music and sound effects for haunts. Sounds of Gore (Gore Galore exclusive soundtracks) is a whole collection of one hour scene specific soundscapes.

Gore Galore | (812/622-0088)

Ape Escape from FRIGHTPROPS is a stuffed ape that violently tries to escape his cage. This nefarious primate shakes and lights flash as the crazed orangutan emits bloodcurdling screams. The effect is air powered and costs $913.13.
Fright Props

MIDNIGHT STUDIOS FX offers unique products for haunted attractions. All of the products are made in-house from original sculptures, life mold, or a combination of the two.
Midnight Studios FX

Freddie Scare Bear from AMERICAN HAUNTERS BY IMAGINART STUDIOS gives a childhood toy a demonic spin. This animatronic is also offered in a deluxe version that is over six feet tall.

American Haunters by Imaginart Studios

This creepy and demented jack-o-lante mask is from NIGHT TERROR PRODUCTIONS (NTPFX). The silicone and latex mask is sculpted and individually hand-painted.

Night Terror Productions

is a design house that creates awe-inspiring scenes and effects for the haunt industry. The produced effects are of the highest quality and at affordable pricing. Pictured is a custom-build that was done for The Valley of Terror in West Chester, PA.

Dead House Designs

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