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HIA UPDATE: Opposition to Legislation in VT Update

  • Posted On: 19th May 2014

click Courtesy of HIA Legal Counsel, Rick Locker
The Vermont Senate concurred with further House amendments to S.239 by a vote of 26-3. The Legislature will now enroll S.239 but will not deliver the bill to the Governor after the session ends after several days (up to a week or more).

http://earlylearningpoco.ca/2016/06/03/may-coquitlam-3-5-yr-old/ The Governor will have 5-days to decide to veto, sign, or let it become law without his signature once the he receives the bill.

post_author">http://happywellacademy.com/how-to-talk-yourself-out-of-a-bad-mood/".get_author_posts_url( post->post_author The most current, but NOT the soon to be enrolled text of the bill can be found here.

The House Bill significantly watered down the original Senate legislation by reducing fees, time to reporting, allowing more due process before administrative regulations are made final, deferring to Washington State prohibited substances, and limiting regulation to "to be" prohibited substances that are inentionally added and accessible. Members will be kept apprised as developments occur.
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