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Halloween & Party Expo Locale Ranked as Top Destination

  • Posted On: 28th April 2011

In its travel guide, search engine Bing recently ranked Houston, home to the Halloween & Party Expo, as one of the top 25 global hotspots for travelers. It recommends Houston, along with such international gems as Singapore, Paris, Stockholm, Rome, Tokyo, Sydney and Rio, as a top destination for shopping, entertainment, restaurants, and cultural activities.

Echoing Bing’s recommendation, the http://yhstheatre.org/?p=581 NY Times writes that Houston, among its other virtues, has become a city “with a world-class food scene and a rising generation of culinary stars. Instead of playing catch-up to restaurant trends elsewhere, Houston’s most talented chefs are finding their own voice: uncovering the food traditions of the area’s ethnic populations, experimenting with little-known seafood varieties from the nearby gulf, and embracing Texas’ strange agricultural rhythms.”  
“We aren’t at all surprised by the ranking,” says Jonathan Erwin of the Halloween & Party Expo. “After all, Houston is home to a highly respected and energetic arts community, celebrated restaurants, the oldest African-American theater in the Southwest, a diverse and cosmopolitan population, a vibrant business culture, and the brains behind United States space exploration.”
When the Halloween & Party Expo returns to Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center next January, it will be working more closely with local organizations and businesses to help Expo attendees experience the best of Houston. “The trick to unlocking Houston’s many charms is learning how to navigate its unique− and famously un-zoned− neighborhoods.” Erwin says. “We’ve joined the Downtown Business Alliance and are working with the Houston and Texas Restaurant Associations to help attendees experience the city more fully. We want everyone to discover why Bing, and publications like the where can i buy Keppra online NY Times, go here Forbes, Esquire, and Travel + Leisure, rate Houston so highly as a destination.”
Costume and party industry professionals from around the world attend the annual Halloween & Party Expo. Echoing the “everything’s bigger in Texas” theme, the Expo has over 6,800 attendees, and features more than 450 manufactuers from across the globe, making it the largest event of its kind. It’s your one-stop shop for all your Halloween and party needs.
For more information, visit www.halloweenpartyexpo.com.