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Grex Releases New Airbrushes for 2014

  • Posted On: 18th February 2014

source site With the New Year upon us, Grex has introduced some new products that are now in stock and ready to be shipped. 1. New Airbrush Combo Kits
Following on the success of our new ergonomic traditional dual action airbrushes, the XSi and XGi, we now have Airbrush combo kits (GCK04 and GCK05 respectively) for each of these models. The overall package contents are similar to the Tritium Airbrush Combo kits. Please see the following link for a comparison.

where to buy proscar online uk  2. Grex Ergonomic Airbrush Grip Set
The response to the ergonomic grips on our new Genesis.XSi and XGi airbrushes have been much better than we anticipated. So now, we are also offering this grip set as a standalone accessory. They are compatible with the first generation Grex Genesis traditional dual action airbrushes and even with most other brands.   

3. Full Sized LVLP Spray Guns
The Grex X4000 is a precision-built, highly efficient, full sized spray gun with superior atomization that won’t break the bank. With a wide range of nozzle sizes available, spray virtually any material from primer, base to clear coats. A truly versatile and high performance spray gun that you’d expect from Grex.

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