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CPSC Launching New CPSIA Database

  • Posted On: 23rd February 2011
The CPSC is implementing a new Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database, as required under section 6A of the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA), as amended by the CPSIA. The Database will allow consumers and other specified users (who are not required to have firsthand knowledge) to submit information about a risk of harm related to the use of a consumer product, or substance regulated by the CPSC. Qualifying reports of harm which meet all requirements for submission will also be publicly available for search and review in the public Database. Consumer product manufacturers (or importers and private labelers) will have an opportunity to post comments about the reports of harm involving their products.
In anticipation of a March 2011 launch of the Database, CPSC staff held two webinars this month. The first held on January 11, with a consumer focus, and the second held on January 20, with a manufacturer focus, will also be available online. Since last week the CPSC staff is conducting a "soft launch" of the Database. During the "soft launch" consumers will be able to log incident reports to the Database. These reports will not be loaded into the Database in March. However, these incident reports will be available via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) normal request process.
With the new database, consumer reports will be submitted electronically to the CPSC. Within five days, CPSC will send an email to the manufacturer, who then has 10 days to respond to the report before it is published online. If the manufacturer finds any of the information to be inaccurate, it should notify the CPSC ASAP. Ten days after sending the report to the manufacturer, it is posted online (with comments from the manufacturer, if any). Registration allows for electronic and direct transmission by CPSC to a company of any report involving its products. 

get link Without registration, the report is sent via mail, but still 10 days after CPSC sends it, it is posted online. Registration allows for faster receipt by the company. Additionally, once registered, manufacturers will be able to search incident reports associated with their company.

click The CPSC strongly encourages manufacturers who wish to dispute reports to contact the Commission ASAP. Businesses will have the chance to attach comments to their responses, with a maximum of five pages. By making the reports public through the database, consumers will be able to go to www.saferproducts.gov and research a product they already own, or one they are considering buying. Manufacturers are encouraged to use the "soft launch" phase as an opportunity to review the site and become familiar with the program.