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Cinema Secrets Unveils Peel-and-Stick Prosthetics

  • Posted On: 3rd December 2017
Cinema Secrets Unveils Peel-and-Stick Prosthetics Woochie by Cinema Secrets has introduced a line of latex prosthetics and appliances adhered to medical-grade tape. This means consumers can just peel away the covering and apply the products, eliminating the need for spirit gum adhesive. The peel-and-stick technology will be used for a wide array of products, including scars, gashes and cuts, horns, ears and noses.

follow Like other vendors, Stein is seeing “more people wanting to create their own looks. We have found that makeup has a fantastic ability to fill a gap in that market,” he said. Woochie, the Halloween-focused sister of the Cinema Secrets prestige cosmetics brand, offers a wide range of mineral-base cream and water-base makeups, as well as easy-to-use kits and theatrical blood.

orlistat order online canada As customers put together costumes piece by piece—a wig from here, a cape from there, a hat from somewhere else—makeup gives them the opportunity to be truly unique, said Stein, adding that retailers that do in-store makeup tutorials attract customers to costumes and accessories as well as makeup, prosthetics and appliances.